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All aboard the Magic COOL Bus- Strength & Science Summer Camp!

Looking for a healthy summer camp that will teach your kids lifelong skills?


Look no further!

Our goal is to make teach kids the FUNdementals of strength training, exercise science, and the world around them in a fun and interactive way!


Led by certified trainers, who are PASSIONATE about making the gym a fun and safe place for kids to feel confident and build healthy coping mechanisms.

In addition to our strength training lessons and active games to get the kids MOVING we will also incoorperate art and science projects so they can catch their breath and expand their minds!

We will be teaching scientific reasoning using the labs created by the Magic School  Bus!

Labs include:

-Acids and bases

-How to use a microscope

-Make a model lung

-Make a hinge joint

-What drinks will decay teeth 

-And SO much more!

Before each science experiment we will read the corresponding Magic School Bus book to build their reading and vocabulary!

Sign your kid up today and make this a summer to remember!


Sign up today!

Click the link for your Child's age group :)

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